Oil(s) of the season for all the right reasons!

BY Navya Rastogi |November 20, 2021.

Nothing beats the power of a good old champi after a long tiring day. Be it for rejuvenation or a distress call for your tresses, oiling is your one stop solution for all hair related troubles.
The LYN Cold Pressed oil contains the wisdom of our grandmothers stored in a bottle. The oil takes you to a little trip down the memory lane, awakening childhood nostalgia.

1. What are Cold Pressed Oils and how are they different from our regular oils?
2. Benefits and Uses of Sweet Almond Oil
3. Benefits and Uses of Neem Oil

What are cold pressed oils?

Cold pressed oils are extracted naturally from flowers, seeds, and nuts, without the application of external heat and chemicals, as opposed to  traditional hot-pressed oils. The effective extraction process used for cold pressed oils helps it to retain the high nutritional content, antioxidants, and other important enzymes, which otherwise escape on being exposed to high-temperature and chemicals  in a traditional oil setting.

The lines ‘cold pressed oil’ and ‘High Nutrient Content’ fit together like a lock and key. Cold pressed oils are rich in important fatty acids including omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9. They’re an excellent source of phytonutrients, which help to maintain healthy scalp environment. Continuous use of these oils has shown remarkable results to fight problems of hair fall and hair thinning, premature greying of hair, hair dryness and dandruff, you name It, and it does it!

The LYN Cold Pressed Oils are available in two variants Sweet Almond oil and Neem oil, both are 100% Pure. They are light weight, get easily absorbed in the scalp, they have anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

Benefits of Sweet Almond Oil
The LYN Sweet Almond Oil is not only superfood for hair but also makes them smell like you’ve crash landed in an aromatherapy parlour, sweet enough to soothe you but not so strong to make your nose go bananas! Loaded with the goodness of magnesium, zinc, vitamin A and Vitamin-E, Sweet Almond oil can also be used as a moisturizer. We’re all a fan of hydration that does not feel too heavy.

• As a moisturizer since it is organic and 100% pure it is suitable for all skin types.
• Mix the LYN Sweet Almond Oil with sugar and lemon to use it as a body scrub for supple soft skin.
• Sweet Almond Oil can also be used as a massage treatment, the soothing scent of sweet almonds is known to relax mind muscle.
• Use it as a lip balm for dry chapped lips.

Benefits of Neem Oil
The LYN NEEM Oil protects your mane from environmental damage and flakiness.That’s just the tip of the iceberg!the anti-parasitic properties of Neem help in destroying dandruff inducing bacteria, the high antioxidant component promotes the growth of healthy hair follicles, it acts as a head lies buster for a head home to lies, it also evens out frizzy dry hair, by locking in moisture due to the presence of Vitamin-E.

• The LYN organic Neem oil mixed with any carrier oil can be used as a leave on treatment for acne and blemishes.
• Organic neem oil efficiently fights foot fungus or similar infections.

Since the oil is organic and 100% pure, it is advised to be used with a carrier oil like coconut oil or aloe vera.

The LYN Cold Pressed oil not only takes care of your hair hardships but also gives your skin the golden hour glow it always carved for. Oils that feel like a fun Friday evening or a soothing Saturday afternoon to rejuvenate you before you face the Monday Morning.

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