7 Must–Have NailEssentials at Home

By SimranMotwani | July 31, 2021

1) Nail Clipper
Nail clipping is the OG rulewhen it comes to defining nail hygiene. To diligently clean, and keep your nails germ-free, an essential equipment called the ‘nail clipper’ is the chief player of the game. Also, an efficient way to keep yourself safe from nail diseases is to keep those little white pieces trimmed and secured. Plus, it is satisfying too right?

2) Nail Filer
A super important step for the ‘at home manicure’ is directed towards nail filing. A nail filer is highly effective in cleaning the side wallsof your nails and giving them that flawless finish and yourfavorite shape be it almond or oval. Refining nails was never this easier.

If you are looking for options and cannot fetch the ideal product for your nail care regimen, LYN (Live Your Now) comes to the rescue. Isn’t it always better to purchase a product from the master brand itself?Taking notes on the brand’s expertise in the nail care industry, their products range from nail lacquers to professional products such as regular to gel lacquers, manicure and pedicure care, nail art kits, nail filers, smoothers, clippers and many more.

The LYN nail filers come in three variations. They deliver salon-perfect results and additional superior nail care. Check out their collection andsecure your nail essential tools because life is too short to have boring nails, right?

3) Nail Smoother

The ideal way to eliminate imperfections, scratches, a rough base and prepareenhancements forlacquer and gel top coat is by smoothening your nails using a nail smoother or buffer. It assists in gentleeffacingof ridges to create a smooth base for the nail paint to glide on effortlessly. This equipment plays a small part in a manicure but is equally fundamental and a must have at home.

4) Nail Polish Remover

An artist requires two basic equipments to draw a sketch – a pencil and an eraser. The pencil being the nail polish and the eraser depicting the nail polish remover. So now you know, what part does the nail polish remover play in your nail essential kit. In simple words, when you are bored with your lilac nails you can always change them to black using a nail polish remover that helps dissolve the nail lacquer and get rid of those unwanted tints.But choosing the correct one is crucialin order to protect your nails and avoid any damage.

5) Cuticle Pusher

Cuticles can be super annoying but revealing facts, they exist for a purpose. They aid the protection of nails and the skin surrounding them against any infection. So despite of getting rid of them, an orderly choice to is push them back using a cuticle pusher. This will guide you to a flawless manicure and also manage the compulsive cuticle biting behavior.

6) Cuticle Oil

Implementing cuticle oil in a nail care regimen should be hyped because this product does wonders to the nails. By promoting efficient nail care, this product is the chief of healthy looking nails. This cuticle savior strengthens the nail structure, aids in fungus development prevention and luckily makes a manicure last longer. This all in one rescuer is great nail care product and is a must have at home essential.

The LYN cuticle oil is a great product when it comes to provision of intense nourishment. It is a blend of six oils and helps with hydration and smoothening of extremely dry nails and cuticles. Medic of the nails – the cuticle oil.

7) Handcream

The favorite and most loved essential of all – the hand cream. You want those hands to look super moisturized and flawless with your favorite tips right? Then this product is a big yes to healthy cuticles and impeccable hands. A little effort, and there you go a long way to very beautiful, young hands accompanied with your dearest nail art.

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